Taylor Swift is approaching the release date of her The Eras Tour concert film, which is going to hit theaters on… you guessed it, October 13. Now, it’s reportedly set to be having a premiere in Los Angeles.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, AMC Theaters confirmed that they would be hosting the event on October 11. Swift did an exclusive distribution deal directly with the theater chain rather than going with a studio.

Fans also started reportedly receiving emails from Spotify, notifying them that for being a top listener of Swift’s, they could respond to confirm their availability — giving the email’s receiver and a guest the chance to attend.

However, Swifties who received one of the lucky emails had to respond already, as the deadline was yesterday (September 28).

Given the location of the premiere has not been revealed for obvious reasons, Swifties are still encouraging others who get an official ticket to wait until after the movie to tell anyone.

Others are either sharing their pleas as fans on social media to hope to get one through Taylor Nation — who previously invited fans to Swift’s secret sessions for past albums. Or are hoping that she’ll magically be able to arrive in NYC by the 13th — so both coasts can celebrate. (It is also being released worldwide.)

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