Since releasing her breakout track "Pretty Girl," in 2016, Maggie Lindemann has never stopped evolving. Singles like "GASLIGHT!" introduced a darker side, and last year's PARANOIA made it clear she had no intentions of ever being a standard pop princess.

Lindemann's latest, SUCKERPUNCH, is a loud, thumping, rock album with elements of pop punk, grunge, and Y2K metal. "she knows it," the most popular track so far, could slide into a playlist with Yellowcard and Taking Back Sunday.

Though she may have left the finger snaps of "Pretty Girl" behind, the song remains a streaming era classic. Its remix with Cheat Codes and CADE is approaching 850 million Spotify streams. (We first spoke to her to as it was blowing up).

Watch Lindemann talk about some of favorite songs for our series 5 Tracks That Inspired Me.

5 Tracks That Inspired Maggie Lindemann

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