Today is SZA’s birthday (happy birthday, SZA!), and to celebrate, she’s teasing a brand-new song/video, “PSA.” Now, to backtrack, last year SZA’s “Good Days” video teased “Shirt” (which finally came out last month), and the “Shirt” video featured the phrase “S.O.S.” written on her wrist. If you’re still following: This new “PSA” video ends with the morse code for “S.O.S.” That code is also now her Instagram bio. To sum up, fans are thinking that SZA’s forthcoming album will be called S.O.S.. At the same time, the “Shirt” video also had references to “NO CTRL” (maybe another possible album title?) and “DEC” (maybe the album release month?). Either way, puzzling this out is more fun than watching the Midterm Election results roll in.

Watch SZA’s “PSA” teaser below.