The Indonesian-Australian pop upstart yuniVERSE has released the latest in a series of collaborations with producer Corin Roddick of Purity Ring. After teaming up last year on the companion pieces “F*ck How I Feel” and “wasted,” yuni and Roddick are back today with “l8 nite texts.” The song conjures vibes similar to Purity Ring — holographic vocals, synth-pop beats infused with the prevailing hip-hop sounds of the moment (drill, in this case) — but trades out Megan James’ otherworldly lyrical approach for something more down to earth. Put simply, it’s a song about struggling to cope with a breakup.

Per yuni:

The process of writing “l8 nite txts” evoked a sense of vindication for my past self. Forcing myself to relive the dark moments of past relationships when I chose not to trust instincts or put myself first, finally allowed me to confront and deal with emotions I buried. Allowing myself to feel and say everything I kept bottled up out loud.

Hear “l8 nite txts” below along with the other recent yuniVERSE tracks.