Perhaps you’ve heard, but power-pop band and viral music-video creators OK Go are currently in a legal battle with Post Foods, and it’s all because of a portable snack package containing Post cereals like Fruity or Cocoa Pebbles branded as “OK Go!” Back in September, an attorney for the band sent Post a cease-and-desist letter stating that the band had been “surprised and alarmed” to see their name on the snack product. More recently, Post filed a complaint in Minnesota federal court asking for a “declaratory judgment,” aka a ruling that says the company did nothing wrong and that “cereal” is not the same thing as “band.” Now, OK Go singer Damian Kulash is commenting on the situation via social media.

“We have been sued by Post Foods,” Kulash posted today. He continues:

Have you ever had your name stolen by a multi-billion-dollar food processing Goliath?

Here’s how it goes down:
1) They apply for a trademark on the name you’ve been using for 25 years.
2) You send a letter asking them to pick a different name, please.

On top of it all, according to Post, this breakfast food is “ready to rock.” Very classy. #weareOKGO

(Playing food-conglomerate devil’s advocate for a second, but “ready to rock” could also be a punny take on the word “pebbles.” But I digress.)

Anyway, considering OK Go are a famous, Grammy-winning band, consumers are bound to think they have something to do with the snack-sized cereal cups. Have a look at Kulash’s statement below.