Together or separately, New York’s Your Old Droog and Atlanta’s Tha God Fahim are two of the most prolific artists on the entire rap underground. Fahim and Droog have made a lot of songs together over the years, and they kicked their partnership into another gear last year. In 2021, Droog and Fahim both released multiple solo projects, and they also teamed up for two collaborative albums, Tha Wolf On Wall St. and Tha YOD Fahim. Those two records came out just a few weeks apart from one another. Today, they’ve announced another team-up album.

The first Wolf On Wall St., which was produced entirely by Tha God Fahim, might be the best thing that Droog or Fahim released last year, and that’s a competitive category. Next month, they’ll release the sequel Tha Wolf On Wall St. 2: The American Dream. Right now, two tracks from that album are out there on the internet, and they’ve both great.

Droog and Fahim have just shared the new album’s opening track “Wall St With Briefcase,” and the album will also feature “No Days Off,” a song that the two of them released as a one-off single last month. (“No Days Off” has Droog claiming that his name’s synonymous with ill records and killing shit like Phil Spector.) On both tracks, Fahim and Droog lock in over lush beats made from smooth, lush samples. They sound great together. Listen to both tracks below.

Tha Wolf On Wall St. 2: The American Dream is out 2/28, and you can pre-order it here.