Picture of YAQI "Imma Do Me"

YAQI, the rising star from China, captivates audiences with her releases, “Imma Do Me” and “I’m On It.” These powerful songs embody the essence of self-empowerment and determination, resonating deeply with listeners who have experienced their fair share of challenges. The artist’s personal connection to these themes reflects her own journey of overcoming obstacles and staying true to herself. 

“Imma Do Me” celebrates self-acceptance and authenticity, encouraging individuals to embrace their uniqueness and make choices aligned with their values. YAQI, even in the face of judgments or criticisms, proudly embraces her individuality, highlighting the importance of not fearing the opinions of others. The song’s message of self-love strikes a chord with the singer’s own musical identity. 

“I’m On It” emphasizes on the value of hard work and perseverance. YAQI draws inspiration from her personal experiences, reminding herself and her audience to push through challenges, stay motivated, and relentlessly pursue personal growth and success. 

When it comes to her influences, YAQI draws inspiration from bold and unapologetic artists like Lady Gaga, M.I.A, Rihanna, and Nathy Pelutho. She also finds motivation in the works of renowned philosophers who challenge conventions and push the boundaries of artistic expression. 

With songs like “I’m On It,” her music and personal experiences intertwine, creating a powerful narrative that resonates with listeners worldwide. YAQI also has an upcoming music video for “Imma Do Me” that promises to be a visual feast, combining mesmerizing cinematography, vibrant colors, and a compelling plot. With innovative special effects, carefully choreographed dance sequences, and unique set designs, the clip aims to enhance the overall creative vision of the single. 

Check out YAQI’s songs below: