This year’s Burning Man festival has quickly turned into a hellscape. Following storms near the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, where Burning Man takes place each year, thousands of attendees were forced to shelter in place and conserve food and water.

While fans are currently in distress, a prolific musician and an esteemed actor/comedian managed to make an escape. Amid the disaster, DJ and producer Diplo shared an update with fans via Twitter, letting them know that he and Chris Rock are safe and well.

“just walked 5 miles in the mud out of burning man with chris rock and a fan picked us up,” he said.

Embedded in the tweet is a video of Diplo, Rock, and a group of fans laughing and having a good time.

However, their escape has sparked mixed reatctions

“Anyone wondering what wealth privilege is? While many are trapped at Burning Man, no surprise the wealthy get out,” said one Twitter user.

“Whats happening at burning man is crazy, and this is right up there with it,” said another.

Other than their brief appearances in the video clip, neither Diplo nor Rock have offered further commentary on the matter.

At the time of writing, over 70,000 attendees are still stuck at the festival grounds.

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