Taylor Swift will play her final The Eras Tour concerts of 2023 on Friday (November 24), Saturday (November 25), and Sunday (November 26) at Allianz Parque in São Paulo, Brazil. She won’t resume her international leg until February 7 in Tokyo, Japan — freeing her up to celebrate her 34th birthday on December 13 in whichever way her heart desires, which might or might not involve her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, who may or may not be in love with her.

Swift’s Zodiac sign(s), if you’re into that kinda thing, is Sagittarius Sun, Cancer Moon, according to deep dives by Today and People pertaining to Swift and Kelce’s astrological compatibility. Kelce was born on October 5, 1989 — Swift began dating another 1989 baby the same year that she dropped 1989 (Taylor’s Version) because of course — and is a Libra Sun, Sagittarius Moon.

Celebrity astrologer Kyle Thomas spoke to People in September — after Swift attended her first Chiefs game on September 24 — and graded Kelce and Swift as “a 9 out of 10” in “overall compatibility” when “factoring in romance and intimacy, intellectual rapport and communication, career and financial support, friendship, domestic union, and true long-term synergy.”

Kelce spoke directly to how he and Swift came together and why their relationship is progressing all too well as the December/January cover star of WSJ. Magazine. The accompanying profile was published this week.

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