Jestawomang by The Ace of Chase (Andrew Chase Everding) of Jestamang is a 30-minute sonic heaven through the realms of Psychedelic Pop. This collection features twelve unique tracks, starting with the title song and including standout pieces like “1 & 2 & 1,” “Singijn’ the Hallelujah,” “The Lovedove,” “Zoo,” “2 Headed Kite,” “A Heart for Alice,” “Choke,” “Con Song,” “Kiss Abyss” “LSD City,” and “Partner In Crime.” The album showcases his creative flair, blending vigorous guitar play with heartfelt lyrics, all wrapped in a romantically nuanced soundscape that marks a new chapter in his repertoire.

The lead track; “Jestawomang,” emerges as a defiant anthem that delves into the search for authenticity beyond the facade of social norms. “LSD City” offers a kaleidoscopic experience, evoking the vibrant, ever-changing landscape of an imagined metropolis. Meanwhile, “Partner In Crime” explores the intricate dance of human relationships, narrating how relationships are intertwined with the risk of deceit. 


With “1 & 2 & 1,” Jestamang’s record unfurls a playful song that weaves through the complex hues of self-discovery and introspection. The album delivers a varied fusion of themes and sounds, highlighted by the likes of “2 Headed Kite.” This particular track surges forward, navigating the stormy skies of life’s struggles with robust vocals and a beat that echoes the heartbeat of perseverance. 

Jestamang skillfully creates a musical landscape where psychedelic and pop worlds come together, offering an invitation to listeners to traverse emotional depths and ascend into flights of whimsical retreat. “Choke” confronts the heartache of farewell and the persistent grip of bygone times with unvarnished emotion. While “A Heart for Alice” offers a gentle homage, a poetic tribute to a muse shrouded in mystery.

Fearlessly delving into deep and existential questions, Jestawomang merges sounds that are both earthy and ethereal, a duality reflected in tracks like “Kiss Abyss,” where calm and chaos are one. Nearing its conclusion, the album revisits reflective tones with pieces like “Zoo,” which embarks on a metaphorical journey through life’s essence. Elevating his artistry, The Ace of Chase surpasses his previous works marking a pinnacle of creative exploration. Anticipation also builds for the upcoming music video of “Jestawomang,” set to release in December.

Listen to the full album below: