Yungblud teased a new collaboration with a video of him surprise calling a fan and playing her his new song.

In a new video posted to his social media, the fan is seen screaming “OH MY GOD!” when she sees the Doncaster-born artist after answering the call, with Yungblud laughing in response.

“I am going to play you a new song,” he said in the video, “and it’s a collaboration.”


The fan responds, “Wait, with who?”, but Yungblud’s reply is bleeped out. Nonetheless, she is seen screaming “YES!” in response.

In the caption, Yungblud jokingly offers “20 quid goes to who guesses first ?!?!?”

Check out the clip below:

It is not yet known when the new single could be coming out.

The forthcoming collaboration is set to be the next single from Yungblud’s promised “new era” and follows on the heels of recent tracks ‘Lowlife’ and ‘Hated’.


Prior to the release of ‘Hated’, Yungblud discussed part of the inspiration behind the song, namely that he was molested by a doctor when he was a child.

In a social media post, the singer, real name Dominic Harrison, said the incident took place when he was seven years old. He said he had never told anyone until he admitted it to his producer while writing ‘Hated’, which he described as “the most personal thing I’ve ever released”.

“when i was seven years old i was molested by a doctor. i never told anyone until i told my producer when this song started to come out,” he began. “this is the most personal song i’ve ever released. that’s not to say it’s soft or gentle. far from it.

“it’s a rallying cry and an exposition of the soul.”

He continued: “the song is ultimately about freeing yourself from bad experiences and trauma. finding inner strength. acknowledging your past, accepting the pain and having the courage not to let it define your future.

“You’ve got to kill somebody to be somebody to be who you want to be. You’ve got to hit rock bottom and live through all of the shit nobody believes. You’ve got to hurt some people but first some people will thirst on watching you bleed. And that’s when you know that you’ve made it. When you’re hated.”