In February, Camp Cope announced that they were breaking up, just about a year after releasing Running With The Hurricane. Today the band had their final performance at Brunswick Music Festival in Melbourne. Over two performances at Estonian House, Camp Cope performed tracks from Running With The Hurricane, 2018’s How To Socialise & Make Friends, their 2016 self-titled. They also brought out fellow Aussie Angie McMahon to help out on “The Screaming Planet” and “Sing Your Heart Out.”

Watch some fan-shot footage of Camp Cope’s final two sets below.

01 “Done”
02 “Keep Growing”
03 “Jealous”
04 “Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Beams”
05 “How To Socialise & Make Friends”
06 “Blue”
07 “The Screaming Planet” (With Angie McMahon)
08 “Anna”
09 “Sing Your Heart Out” (Georgia acoustic guitar, then with band and Angie McMahon, Rin and 2 other backing vocalists)
10 “Lost (Season One)”
11 “Running With The Hurricane”
12 “The Opener”