Last year, Sunset Rubdown announced a reunion tour, marking the first time that the Spencer Krug-led project would perform live in just about 14 years — the band broke up soon after releasing 2009’s Dragonslayer. That tour kicked off in Montreal on Thursday night and is currently making its way through Canada before heading to North America next week. Check out some videos from their shows in Montreal and Toronto and take a peek at the setlist below.

“Snake’s Got A Leg”
“The Taming Of The Hands That Came Back To Life”
“Silver Moons”
“Us Ones In Between”
“Shut Up I Am Dreaming Of Places Where Lovers Have Wings”
“Winged/Wicked Things”
“Stadiums And Shrines II”
“You Go On Ahead (Trumpet Trumpet II)”
“Coming To At Dawn”
“Idiot Heart”
“The Empty Threats Of Little Lord”
“We’re Losing Light”
“The Men Are Called Horsemen There”
“The Mending Of The Gown”
“Dragon’s Lair”