Band Of Horses have a new album out today, their best in a very long time. It’s called Things Are Great, and it finds Ben Bridwell and friends tapping back into the vibrantly poppy, lightly rootsy, dreamily anthemic indie-rock sound that made them stars in the mid-aughts. We interviewed Bridwell about about the new LP and much more for our latest We’ve Got A File On You (did you know he guested on Macklemore’s breakthrough album?). And last night, just as Things Are Great hit the internet, Band Of Horses performed its lead single on The Tonight Show.

Would it have been nice to see the band live on stage at 30 Rock? Yes, it would have been. But their run through “Crutch” was still enjoyable nonetheless. Watch it below, where you can also stream the new album in full.

Things Are Great is out now on BMG.