Indie rock elder god Ted Leo is now more than 20 years into a great solo career. Leo hasn’t released a new album since 2017’s The Hanged Man, though he did come out with the new track “Into The Conquering Sun” a few months ago. Today, for Bandcamp Friday, Leo has put together a few new tracks in EP form. Two of those songs are remixed, remastered rarities, and one of them is a cover of a Stereolab classic.

Leo has always loved busting out surprising solo covers, and it’s a blast to hear him take on Stereolab’s 1994 Mars Audiac Quintet jam “Ping Pong.” Stereolab’s original is a lush, layered, satirical pop song. Leo recorded his own version entirely solo around 10PM last night, putting a lot of echo on his voice and guitar. That means Leo’s version of the song is a whole different experience from the Stereolab original. But Leo plays it with spirit and warmth, and without all the extra effects, you can hear just how strong the original track is.

Leo has bundled that “Ping Pong” cover together with remastered versions of his own older songs “Andy, Come Out” and “Runes Of Abandonment.” Below, listen to those three Ted Leo songs and Stereolab’s original “Ping Pong.”

Ted Leo’s Andy, Come Out EP is out now, and you can get it at Bandcamp. Check out Michael Tedder’s great 2017 Stereogum feature on Ted Leo here.