Hardcore is, at least in theory, a genre of music without stars. But hardcore is also a genre full of larger-than-life characters and deeply dedicated lifers, which means that you can definitely put together an all-star hardcore band. That’s what Warfare is. Warfare, a band led by Triple B Records boss Sam Yarmuth, is full of heavy-hitter musicians, and they’ve just announced plans to release their second album.

Sam Yarmuth sings for Warfare. One guitarist is Justice Tripp, legendary frontman of Trapped Under Ice and Angel Du$t. The other guitarist is Ryan Boone, from Boston hardcore bands Ammunation and Death Injection. Drummer Sam Bosson is in Blazing Eye and Kommand, and he used to be in Trash Talk. Bassist Madison Woodward comes from Fury. Former Hoax member Ian Logan, Bosson’s bandmate in Kommand, is now in Warfare, too. That’s an impressive list of people.

Together, the members of Warfare play fast, intense, catchy old-school fast hardcore. The band released their debut album Declaration in 2018, and they came back last year with a split with Restraining Order. Next month, Warfare will release their sophomore LP Doomsday, and I fully expect it to kick ass. The band has just shared two tracks from the album. The title track and “Drop Squad” are both giddy, punishing ragers, and “Drop Squad” features guest-screams from Brody King, frontman of God’s Hate and newly-signed AEW wrestler. (Power Trip’s Chris Ulsh also shows up on another track.) Both tracks are adrenaline blasters, and you can hear both of them below.

01 “Intro 2.0”
02 “Doomsday”
03 “Warfare”
04 “Open Season”
05 “Cowards Run Part IV”
06 “Drop Squad” (Feat. Brody King)
07 “Tied Up”
08 “Dead Scene 3.0”
09 “Legends Never Die” (Feat. Chris Ulsh)
10 “BBB Outro”

Doomsday is out 3/11 on Triple B Records.