Troye Sivan’s long-awaited album Something To Give Each Other hit streaming platforms yesterday (October 13). The project features the singles “Got Me Started” and now “One Of Your Girls.” In the official video, Siyan had a draglicious transformation to stress the message behind the OZGO-produced record.

Throughout the visual, Sivan switches his appearance from man to woman to combat gendered stigmas. This is emphasized in the stanza, “Give me a call if you ever get lonely / I’ll be like one of your girls or your homies / Say what you want, and I’ll keep it a secret / You get the key to my heart, and I need it / Give me a call if you ever get desperate / I’ll be like one of your girls.”

In a statement shared with People, Troye Sivan discussed the inspiration behind the track. “I repeatedly found myself in this situation. ‘One of Your Girls’ is really me psychoanalyzing myself about, like, why is that something that was interesting to me? A lot of the boys that song is about, I feel like they probably would’ve bullied me in high school, and now here they are paying me attention,” he says. “So, at the sacrifice of my own self-worth, I’m throwing myself at them, and then you’re really just at their beck and call, and that can sometimes not feel so great.”

Watch Troye Sivan’s video for “One Of Your Girls” starring Ross Lynch above.

Something To Give Each Other is out now via Capitol. Find more information here.

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