Titus Andronicus’ new album The Will To Live comes out tomorrow, which is exciting! The Tristate area rockers have already shared “(I’m) Screwed,” “Give Me Grief,” the Cock Sparrer cover “We’re Coming Back,” and the seven-minute “An Anomaly” from the record. Now, they’re back with one more preview titled “Baby Crazy,” which also has a cheeky, scrolling-word sing-along-song lyric video.

“As inscrutable as some of my artistic choices may sometimes appear, I do wish to be understood, as communication is the purpose of all art,” frontman Patrick Stickles says of “Baby Crazy,” adding, “This led me to approach this song as something of a user’s guide for the album, wherein I explicate as clearly as I can the meaning behind the recurring symbology I utilize throughout — the mother, the father, the baby, etc. It is my hope that this will lead the listener to a richer listening experience… or they can just tap their foot to it, whatever works.”

Watch and listen to “Baby Crazy” below.

The Will To Live is out 9/30 via Merge.