Thom Yorke has recalled the time that he was too high to sing Radiohead‘s ‘Everything In Its Right Place’ and walked off stage.

The Radiohead vocalist was interviewed by Jason Thomas Gordon of LA band Kingsize for The Singers Talk, a new book comprising interviews with some of the most distinctive lead singers in music.

In the interview published by Rolling Stone ahead of the book’s release, Yorke reflected on the moment that he “got completely lost” during the band’s encore at the Shoreline amphitheatre in the early ‘00s.


“There was one time we played in San Francisco in this really nice outdoor place, Shoreline. It was a great show, really, really fun. The audience were brilliant. Then, before the final encore, I smoked a blunt with Jonny [Greenwood]. I went back on and started playing ‘Everything In Its Right Place’ and got completely lost.

Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood of The Smile perform during the Pitchfork Music Festival Day 1 at Union Park on July 21, 2023 in Chicago, Illinois. CREDIT: Barry Brecheisen/Getty

“I think I sang the second verse first, and then I was looking at the keyboard going, ‘What’s this?’ [laughs]. Then, I went to sing the next verse, and I realised, I’ve just sung that, and I looked at the others, and they were all going [makes a face] ‘Get us out of this one.’ I’m just going around the riff, looking at the audience, and they’re all singing the words, and I’m going, ‘What?’ [tries reading their lips]. I was so high, I just got up from the piano and [puts his hands up in surrender] walked off,” he said, laughing.

Elsewhere in the interview Yorke explained how he embraced having a voice like Neil Young, and why he cried when listening back to a recording of Radiohead classic ‘Fake Plastic Trees’.

In other news, Yorke’s other band The Smile recently released their single ‘Bending Hectic’.

Per a press release, the new track is not taken from any upcoming project and is instead a standalone single that has been highly anticipated by fans. It was recorded at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London.