Last month, TikTok user Pat Williams Comedy shared a video in which he goes through a list of some celebrities who have a lot of children. He wraps up with Pitbull, who he says has “21 kids with 18 different women in 13 different countries.” He added, “He sees them all twice a year, and he’s never missed a child support payment.”

What’s easy to see, though, is that this isn’t true. Williams used the #satire tag on his video and his bio currently reads, “All videos are jokes.” There’s also the fact that “Comedy” is right in his username.

Regardless, this one went viral on TikTok and has over 4.6 million views, and some people even believed the rumor. A few days ago, in a viral video of her own that has over 3 million views, another TikTok user shared the supposed fact, further perpetuating the rumor.

Enough people fell for the outlandish paternal ruse that a Pitbull representative actually responded. Rolling Stone reached out and a rep replied, “That is completely inaccurate and obviously comedic humor.”

As the publication notes, it’s not fully known how many children Pitbull actually has, but various sources online indicate he has six children (still a lot by today’s standards!).

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