Back in May, Graham Coxon and Rose Elinor Dougall revealed their new project the WAEVE with a show in London, where they performed a bunch of still-unreleased songs, and shared their debut single together, “Something Pretty.” Today, they’re back with their first new track since then, “Can I Call You,” along withs some details about their debut album, which was produced by James Ford and will be released in February.

In a new interview with NME, the pair talked about the project, which started as a collaboration in lockdown. “I hadn’t really done any writing for 2020, so it was like a capped well,” Coxon said of his initial writing sessions with Dougall. “There was a lot there. It just needed the right circumstances. It was an odd time because there was nobody on the streets, time had really slowed down, and it was interesting to try and make sense of ourselves in that situation and after our experiences. To take some risks in what we wanted to express.”

In that same interview, Coxon also addressed the possibility of a Blur reunion, which has been rumored in the UK tabloids for the last few weeks: “A Blur reunion? I haven’t even talked to anyone about that; I don’t know what that’s about,” he said. “I haven’t talked to any of those boys for a while.”

Listen to “Can I Call You” below.