One of the highlights of Dua Lipa‘s SNL hosting debut was “The Anomalous Man.”

In the sketch, the “Houdini” singer plays a theatergoer in 1890s London who demands to meet the writer of the play, The Anomalous Man. She’s warned to not be shocked by the playwright’s appearance, as “it will destroy him.” But where most see a monster looking at Peter, played by Sarah Sherman in makeup seemingly done by the legend Rick Baker, Dua Lipa’s character sees a wonderful man — even with his hoof hands and third eyeball in his back.

They quickly fall in love until Peter gets caught two-timing Dua Lipa using a second phone to text other women. One message to “Whitney Hinge” reads, “She’s asleep. Wash that ass and get to the Holiday Inn. I’m tryna show you what this snout do.” Thank god we never learn what that snout do, but we do know who the thirst trap photos in the sketch belong to.

“Dear @DUALIPA – I’m sorry we had to meet this way but trust that I’d way rather send my thirst traps to you than that terrible Anomalous Man,” actress Whitney Moore wrote on X. “He’s not even a good writer, he just has rich parents! (thank you @mikediva for allowing me to show my ass on national tv!).” This, as far as I can tell, is the first time someone from cult classic Birdemic: Shock and Terror has appeared on SNL. That’s history right there.

You can watch “The Anomalous Man” above. You should also check out Moore’s short film, “Palm Swings.”

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