We’ve been seeing a lot of Camila Cabello lately as the singer has geared up for a new era, led by the single “I Luv It.” Now, she’s officially in album mode.

Today (May 6), Cabello revealed that her upcoming album, which will be her fourth, is called C, XOXO, and that it’s set for release on June 28. She also shared the cover art, a close-up portrait of a blue-tongued Cabello giving a blue lollipop a big lick as she looks down the barrel of the camera.

In a recent interview on the Call Her Daddy podcast, Cabello called the project her “live my questions album” and explained, “It’s really sitting in the discomfort of things and realizing there’s not gonna be a neat, in-a-box answer. I feel strong in these ways, weak in these ways, and there’s no real clear answer here. But the album process has been such a journey. It started out with me having that intention of going back to how it started for me, which was just sitting with myself and really getting back to that first passion of songwriting. Nerding out over references and artists and poetry — whatever — and really tapping into that.”

C, XOXO is out 6/28 via Geffen/Interscope. Find more information here.

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