Rachel Brown, one-half of the duo Water From Your Eyes, puts out music on their own as Thanks For Coming. A few months back, they put out a full-length called #1 Flake In North America, and Brown is following that up early next year with another new album, rachel jr. “i will be releasing my very first self-produced album called “rachel jr.” on my 25th birthday in exactly 2 weeks from now,” they note on Twitter. Brown is previewing the album with two tracks, “Hard Drive” and “To Become Immortal — And Then Die,” both pinched and wiry and about feeling empty and not knowing how to fill that void. Check both of them out below.

01 “Nonsense Highway”
02 “Dear Rachel”
03 “Hard Drive”
04 “Lehigh (I Take Back What I Said About Florida)”
05 “To Become Immortal — And Then Die”
06 “Singular”
07 “Pushing The Limit”
08 “Destroy Me”‘
09 “My Name”
10 “Delusions Of Grandeur”
11 “In My Pockets”
12 “Torch Song”

rachel jr. is out 1/9. Pre-order it here.