Earlier this year, Matt Cutler returned with Always Inside Your Head, his first full-length as Lone in almost five years. Before the year’s out, Cutler’s back with one more track: a cover of Boards Of Canada’s “ROYGBIV.” As he wrote:

Exclusive to Bandcamp. Pay what you want. Any money generated by the track will go directly to Mind mental health charity.

I’d just got a new synth and thought I’d test it out by trying to recreate that wonderful baseline. It quickly got out of hand and by the end of the night I’d covered the entire thing.

Amazingly we’ve had the track officially OK’d by the band themselves which is lovely. I hope I did it some justice.

Thank you to everyone who has supported my music in 2021. Wishing you all love and inner peace X

Check it out and revisit Boards Of Canada’s original below.