They Are Gutting A Body Of Water and A Country Western are both bands based out of Philadelphia. The former make soupy, genre-defiant scrawls — not unlike what their fellow Philly compatriots the Spirit Of The Beehive get up to — while the latter leans more on the syrupy slowcore side of things. They’ve both built up sizable Bandcamp back catalogs over the last few years — TAGABOW even have a new album, Lucky Styles, due out in next month. The two bands have linked up for a new split EP called An Insult To The Sport that sounds quite exciting — between them, the five songs on it bleed together and make for a murky, compelling vortex of sounds.

An Insult To The Sport is being released today through Topshelf Records. Over the weekend, the label launched a Kickstarter campaign to help support them after finding out that their mail order fulfillment company Awesome Distro went bankrupt, “owing us tens of thousands of dollars in revenue and forcing us to relocate 17 years worth of inventory immediately with no advance notice.” More details here — donate if you can, and check out this very cool split below.

An Insult To The Sport is out now via Topshelf Records.