The Drin are a band out of Cincinnati led by Dylan McCartney. By their own description, they “seamlessly transport between post-punk, acid guitar jangle, and krautish experimentalism.” They’ve got a new album out today with the eye-catching title Today My Friend You Drunk The Venom; having grabbed your attention, the album rewards it.

The tracklist maintains a dark and murky vibe throughout, but the exact specifications of the Drin’s warped genre blend change from track to track. As the album progresses, they shift from ragged, percussion-forward post-punk to filthy, hypnotic rock ‘n’ roll to riff-blasted proto-punk to something like spaghetti western psych, among other classically scuzzy sounds. On “Eyes Only For Space,” they even successfully try their hands at dub. I hear some Liars, some Stones, some Fall, more than a little Can, and probably some echoes of bands I’m no longer cool enough to remember.

It’s very good, so listen below.

Today My Friend You Drunk The Venom is out now on Feel It/Drunken Sailor/Future Shock.