Ned Russin is back today with a surprise EP under his Glitterer alias. Fantasy Four finds the Title Fight co-founder grappling with the 2020 deaths of two Texas metal icons, Power Trip’s Riley Gale and Iron Age’s Wade Allison. Russin shares more in a statement:

These songs began as conscious and subconscious attempts to work out my feelings after the passings of Riley and Wade. I was hoping to distract myself but also offer comfort. And so the sounds that followed were often conflicted, sometimes they were even more stripped back and sometimes they were even noisier than usual.

On Fantasy Four, with assists from producer Will Yip and others, Russin channels those feelings into soft grunge tunes. Some of them are accented with keyboards and electronics; all are melodically dense and heavy with feeling. Listen below.

Fantasy Four is out now on ANTI-.