After releasing a bunch of beloved ambient records under the name Gas in the ’90s, the German producer Wolfgang Voigt abandoned that alter-ego for 17 years. But then the world gassed up Gas, and Gas returned. Voigt released the new Gas album Narkopop in 2017, and he followed it a year later with another LP called Rausch. Today, there’s a new Gas album in town.

The third Gas LP since Voigt brought the name back is called Der Lange Marsch — German for The Long March. Voigt announced the LP a couple of months ago, but he didn’t release any advance singles. Indeed, the 11 tracks on Der Lange Marsch are all untitled, so where would you start? It seems clear that Voigt intends the album to play as a seamless whole.

On first listen, Der Lange Marsch is a relatively anxious album, full of minor-key drones. It’s not beatless. Instead, there’s one beat, a simple heartbeat thud, that keeps going with very little variation through most of the record. Der Lange Marsch is just over an hour long, and it would probably make a pretty great score for an arthouse thriller. Stream it below.

Der Lange Marsch is out now on Kompakt.