No need to spend much time rehashing the drama at this point: If you care about the Wrens, by now you know about Kevin Whelan’s falling out with Charles Bissell and the long-awaited The Meadowlands follow-up that never saw the light of day — and how Whelan’s contributions to that album ended up on Observatory, his debut album as Aeon Station, alongside a few more new songs Whelan cooked up with fellow Wrens Greg Whelan and Jerry MacDonald. You probably eagerly listened to advance singles “Queens,” “Leaves,” “Fade,” and “Alpine Drive.” Some of you already received your copy and/or accessed Sub Pop’s advance stream for customers who pre-ordered the LP. And now Observatory is out there for the whole world to observe.

Look, I wanted to get a review of this album together, but it didn’t happen. So we’re going to have to crowdsource this shit. Below, stream Observatory in full, offer your thoughts and feelings in the comments section, and join me in wondering whether Bissell’s long-tinkered tracks will ever see official release.

Observatory is out now on Sub Pop.