A little more than a year ago, the influential Los Angeles underground rapper Drakeo The Ruler cut a plea deal with authorities and got out of jail, where he’d been awaiting trial for years. Since his release, Drakeo has been on a creative tear. He’s released the mixtapes We Know The Truth, The Truth Hurts, and Ain’t That The Truth. Drakeo and his brother Ralfy The Plug have also released the collaborative tape A Cold Day In Hell. Today, Drakeo has a whole new tape out in the world.

Drakeo’s latest project is called So Cold I Do Em 2, and it’s a sequel to a mixtape that he released back in 2016. Considering how much music Drakeo has released in the past year, it’s weird to think that he’s faced any obstacles in getting another mixtape out there, but So Cold I Do Em 2 has been through a bunch of delays; it was originally supposed to come out in September. Rather than giving the tape a proper release, Drakeo has simply posted it on SoundCloud. On Instagram, Drakeo explains: “JUST TO SHOW YALL I DONT GIVE A FUCC HERE YALL GO IT AINT ABOUT THE MONEY DISTRO WAS TAKING FOREVER.”

So Cold I Do Em 2 is long — 29 tracks — and it’s got a bunch of tracks with Ralfy The Plug, as well as appearances from ALLBLACK and Drakeo’s late associate Ketchy The Great. On first listen, the tape finds Drakeo in his comfort zone, doing the kind of crispy and idiosyncratic street-rap mutters that made him an underground sensation in the first place. Stream it below.