Justin Pearson first made his name in the ’90s, as the frontman of freaked-out and chaotic San Diego punk bands like Swing Kids and the Locust. More recently, Pearson has been playing in Dead Cross, Mike Patton’s extreme-music supergroup. These days, Pearson is leading a new band called Deaf Club, and their music definitely fits in with all the disorienting attacks of Pearson’s past work.

Pearson’s new band is called Deaf Club, and it also features members of groups like ACxDC, Weak Flesh, Run With The Hunted, and the Manx. A few months ago, the band released their debut EP Contemporary Sickness. Today, they’ve followed it with their first full-length, a brutal onslaught called Productive Disruption.

Deaf Club recorded their new album in a single day, and that day happened to be January 6, 2020 — the day that a whole bunch of yahoos invaded the Capitol. Maybe that’s a coincidence, but I think you can hear some of that day’s disoriented intensity in the music. In any case, Productive Disruption blasts through 14 pieces of frantic, grindy punk rock in 25 minutes, and you can stream it below.

Productive Disruption is out now on Pearson’s Three One G label.