Steve Edwards hits new records with his new album’s most streamed singles, “Born” and “Happysad.” 

After “Colour Of Blood” and “Fallen,” Steve once again stuns the crowds with his unique take on modern rock, and listeners showed him well-deserved love by positioning him in the top of the iTunes and Shazam charts in many countries of the world in recent weeks.  

A few years ago, one of Steve’s first official releases ever, “One by One,” had been chosen by a BBC Radio 2 producer and became Record of the Week and playlisted during five weeks, an unusual occurrence for an unknown artist at the time. 

Since the very beginning, Steve Edwards had that magnetic charisma, which led hundreds of thousands of fans to follow his career, but with the release of the album Born, this number has exploded. 

“Born” and “Happysad” are two beautiful songs in which Edwards unveils profound messages that will challenge listeners into facing their own feelings and emotions, so make sure to follow Steve Edwards and stream both songs and the full album below!

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