Steve Albini has made it clear how he feels about Steely Dan. Posting on Twitter, the super producer announced that he “will always be the kind of punk that shits on Steely Dan… Christ the amount of human effort wasted to sound like an SNL band warm up.” He then proceeded to go back and forth, arguing with potential pro-Dan arguments.

Here are Albini’s reasons for hating on “the Dan”… (Go trim your beard, lol.)

“They spent three weeks on the guitar solo…” Three weeks of watching guitar players give it their all while doing bumps and hitting the talkback, “More *Egyptian* but keep it in the pocket…”

Look at yourselves. Calling them “the Dan.” Go trim your beard.

Two types of perfectionist: One will prepare, revise and rehearse carefully, with intent, honing an idea to a keen edge, ready to cut the cloth of execution. The other makes other people responsible by saying, “do it again,” until by chance they are satisfied, then take credit.

There’s some video where they talk about every song on an album, and each one begins with the not-bald one saying, “this song is based on my deep love of the blues, just a very bluesy blues. Deep blues.” Then lays his jazz dork hands on the fucking electric piano…

Music made for the sole purpose of letting the wedding band stretch out a little.

All you “I used to hate them” people, pleading their case like it’s a natural infirmity. “I need readers now, take pills for my prostate. Get winded on the stairs. And oh, I like that cocaine shit music now. Not just Boz Skaggs either.”

I kinda like Boz Skaggs tho

No mention of how Steely Dan dropped Aimee Mann from their tour, which is also a valid reason, IMO.

Thanks to radicalbummer in the Stereogum Discord for the tip!