The St. Louis hardcore band Squint got started last year when member of bands like Time And Pressure, Soul Craft, and Choir Vandals got together to make something relatively melodic. Earlier this year, Squint released their bouncy, catchy, immediate debut EP Feel It. Today, Squint have announced plans to follow that EP with a new one called Wash Away, which will be out later this month. They’ve also shared a banger of a new single.

“Pig Pen” is a two-minute crusher with bellowed vocals, but it’s also got undercurrents of ’90s indie rock and power-pop. If you’re into bands like Drug Church and Militarie Gun, there’s a whole lot to like in their whole approach. In the song’s video, Squint play in a hot dog joint, while frontman Brennen Wilkinson, working in the kitchen, has a bad time. Below, check out that video and the Wash Away tracklist.

01 “Pig Pen”
02 “Seeds”
03 “Circles”
04 “Treading Water”

The Wash Away EP is out 11/18 on Sunday Drive Records.