Foldover yoga pants with PINK emblazoned on the back, bras embellished with fake diamonds, models sporting angel wings strutting down the runway. This is the Victoria’s Secret we grew up loving.

Victoria’s Secret Pink was the brand in middle school. The ultimate uniform consisted of those glorious yoga pants (bootcut, of course) and a v-neck with the lace bandeau underneath. Topped off with a spritz or ten of Very Sexy perfume, you were ready to face the day.

Yet, Victoria’s Secret didn’t end up being all it was cracked up to be. You’d go in the store and get measured for a bra only to find out later that other professional bra fitters don’t trust Victoria’s Secret; the bra wasn’t really your size and it barely fit. You’d notice the thongs with cute sayings were designed to cause you pain and suffering. After an hour in a lingerie set, you would be pulling at the itchy straps for relief.

It wasn’t just the uncomfortable materials and inconsistent sizing that people grew tired of; it was the pushing of the “perfect body” crap that makes every young girl think she should be a size 0. The blatant exclusion of diverse models in their runway shows and advertisements was not only discriminatory and hurtful, but also downright boring.

The Rebrand To Fail All Rebrands

In 2015, Victoria’s Secret released a campaign claiming they had lingerie for every body. Finally! However, every woman in their campaign was model thin, with skinny legs and a flat stomach. Sadly, this was just the beginning of a ton of missed marks.

Victoria's Secret Everybody Campaign

For years, people begged and pleaded for VS to incorporate diverse models to represent all types of women. In 2017, superstar plus-sized model Ashley Graham took a dig at the brand, posting an edit of her walking an imaginary VS runway with wings.

Not only is VS constantly missing the mark, but there is now a Hulu documentary…about their involvement with Jeffery Epstein. Nothing highlights their love for women more.

Fenty is currently in the middle of their “every BODY” campaign where they feature fits for every body; even plus sized models to Victoria’s Secret’s horror.

After Victoria’s Secret’s dumpster fire, they responded by doing a full rebranding campaign copying the Fenty concept, but without the glamor.

In a since-deleted video, VS dressed diverse models in plain old, run of the mill bras that I wouldn’t buy in the clearance section of my local store. Why weren’t these women weren’t deserving of wearing the sexy, glitzy bras shown on the size 0 models?

The idea of the campaign was that they finally listened to you. They heard everyone’s complaints and are now focusing on What Women Want. A totally ironic, tasteless approach to rebranding after years of scandal.

The “What Women Want” campaign slogan is such a dig at everyone begging them to change for years because it clearly was never about what women wanted. What do women want? Hot lingerie. Inclusivity. To feel like brands care about what girls growing up are seeing.

We loved the concept of the Angels and the lavish runway shows were always fun to watch. But would it really have killed the brand to make sure women know they don’t have to be a certain skin tone or body type to be beautiful?

When Will The Time Come Where Enough’s Enough?

The answer is right now. Victoria’s Secret is officially over; the fantasy’s dead and the bras aren’t durable or comfortable enough to keep it going..

VS is like that toxic ex you keep going back to because you think you can change them, and they never change.

It’s time to give some much deserved attention to brands that celebrate women instead of somehow pitting them against one another.

Here are some brands that will support you, in all senses of the term.

1. ThirdLove

ThirdLove inclusive bra brand

What I respect about ThirdLove is that they know that it’s normally the bra’s fault you aren’t feeling supported, not your boobs. They make bras in 60 sizes, including half sizes, so you will find your perfect match, guaranteed. Talk about representation.

2. Natori

Natori bra brand

Natori offers an incredibly affordable selection of bras and underwear while remaining reliable and sexy. They also have an option to book a virtual consultation so you can find the perfect size and product for you.

3. Chantelle

Chantelle bras

A family-owned company that’s been making lingerie for 145 years and is still in business and killing it? Sign me up. Chantelle has been adapting to women’s needs with underwear forever, so you know they have high quality bras.

4. Lively

Lively sports bras and lingerie

Lively is women-owned, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside because who better to create bras than women?! They really know what women want; you’re guaranteed to find a cute set here.

5. Pepper

Pepper Bras

If you’re someone with a smaller bust, stress no more! Pepper was made specifically for women with smaller boobs who have struggled to find the perfect bra for their size.

All of these brands have all women in mind, not just their idea of what women should want. It’s time to take Victoria’s Secret to the grave.

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