Run The Jewels have announced a RTJ4 remix album called RTJ CU4TRO. The album features remixes and updated versions of tracks made entirely by Latin artists. It’s out November 11 via Jewel Runners/BMG. Yesterday, RTJ shared a new version of “Walking Into The Snow” (now titled “Caminando en la Nieve”) featuring Akapellah, Apache, and Pawmps, which is available to hear below.

“We are honored and delighted to have had the opportunity to work with the amazing producers, vocalists, musicians, and artists who made this album happen,” the band said in a statement. They added:

We set out to make a remix album, but we consider the end result of RTJ Cu4tro to be more than that. It’s a reimagining of RTJ4 through the lens of collaboration and a fusing of numerous musical cultures and influences… a rare chance for us to connect, create and be inspired by people who we may never have had the chance to get down with if we weren’t lucky enough to be in a position to put it all together. We thank them for all their generosity, energy, and creativity. This is a piece of music filled with love, respect and craft and everyone truly gave it their all, genuinely humbling us in the process.

01 “Yankee y el Valiente” (Trooko’s Versión)
02 “Ooh La La” (Mexican Institute of Sound Versión) (Feat. Santa Fe Klan)
03 “Fuera de Vista” (Trooko’s Versión) (Feat. Baco Exu do Blues)
04 “Santa Calamifuck” (Eva, Chucho, Yulian & Nick Hook’s Versión)
05 “Goonies Contra E.T.” (Danny Braco & Nick Hook’s Versión) (Feat. El Individuo and Sarah La Morena)
06 “Cminando en la Nieve” (Orestes Gomez & Nick Hook’s Versión) (Feat. Akapellah, Apache and Pawmps)
07 “Ju$t” (Toy Selectah Versión) (Feat. Pharrell Williams and Zack de la Rocha)
08 “Nunca Mirar Hacia Atrás” (Bomba Estéreo’s Versión)
09 “El Suelo Debajo” (Son Rompe Pera’s Versión)
10 “Tirando el Detonador” (Mas Aya & Nick Hook’s Versión) (Feat. Javire Arce and Lido Pimienta)
11 “Unas Palabras para el Pelotón de Fusilamiento (Radiación)” (Adrian Terrazas-Gonzalez & El Producto’s Versión)

RTJ CU4TRO is out 11/11 via Jewel Runners/BMG. Pre-order it here.