Today, Weezer announced the “Indie Rock Roadtrip” — aka a summer tour featuring a rotating lineup that includes Modest Mouse and Momma, Future Islands and Joyce Manor, and Spoon and White Reaper. Also today, Weezer fan and TikToker @dietlite_evan got a very special prize for playing the riff to “Buddy Holly” for almost three years: an invite from Rivers Cuomo to “come play this live on Weezer’s Indie Rock Roadtrip Tour this summer.”

This all started with @dietlite_evan — aka Evan Marsalli, who performs in a Wisconsin band called Diet Lite — trying to reach 1k followers on TikTok, which then pivoted into his inviting Cuomo to duet the “Buddy Holly” riff. He committed to the bit for 990 tries, which amounts to nearly three years. He even has his own Weezerpedia page.

“My people will reach out to your people,” Cuomo captioned in his duet. Earlier today, on what would’ve been day #991, Marsalli posted a joke video where he’s about to film a “Buddy Holly” riff and then deletes the reminder on his phone. “What should I post on here now???,” he captioned. I’m sure you’ll think of something, Evan!