After the 2021 album The Message That Never Got Sent, vocalist-producer Ep!K has finally unveiled a much-anticipated follow-up album titled The Onset Of Agnosthesia. Home to ten gorgeous tracks including “Dancing By Myself” released before the album, The Onset Of Agnosthesia is a hypnotic collection set to further increase the young artist’s popularity and strengthen his status as an innovator extraordinaire, far from the genre’s stereotypes. 

Often introspective and always meticulous, Ep!K’s sonic creations are as diverse and eclectic as they are deeply moving. From the atmospheric “Back 2 Me” to the slow-paced “Who’s To Blame,” without forgetting the almost spoken “Victim Of Theft,” the young prodigy ensured there’s never a dull moment in the entire tracklist. This outstanding album reminds us in many ways of the power of art, music and poetry, and just for that, we are eternally grateful to Ep!K!