Rising Artist GRAIVE Releases Empowering New Single "Nothing New"

Ocala, Florida native GRAIVE is making waves in Los Angeles with her latest single, “Nothing New.” The track marks another step in her remarkable journey, which began as a producer and blossomed into a captivating singer-songwriter.

GRAIVE‘s debut, “I Can’t Stop,” caught the attention of CMG, leading to a promising record deal. Now, with “Nothing New,” she dives deeper, exploring vulnerability and personal experiences that resonate with anyone facing life’s challenges.

“Nothing New” isn’t just catchy melodies; it’s a raw exploration of unrequited love and the frustration of unfulfilled promises. GRAIVE‘s soulful vocals and honest lyrics paint a relatable picture, encouraging listeners to reflect on their own relationships and prioritize self-respect.

GRAIVE explains the inspiration behind the song: “‘Nothing New’ is about the relentless effort you put into someone who doesn’t put in the same. It’s about accepting empty promises and disappointment becoming the norm. I hope listeners feel empowered and inspired to not accept this kind of treatment.”

“Nothing New” exceeds pop music, offering a message of strength and self-worth. GRAIVE‘s music aims for connection beyond melody, building a community where emotions find solace in shared experiences.

As GRAIVE continues her ascent, her music serves as a beacon of resilience and empowerment, offering strength to those who listen. “Nothing New” is available now on all streaming platforms.

Play “Nothing New” below: