hyunjun backseat

South Korean artist HYUNJUN is cruising into the spotlight with his new single, “Backseat,” marking a fresh chapter in his solo journey. Fans familiar with HYUNJUN’s vocals from his K-pop days will find his soulful voice intact, but “Backseat” offers a distinct flavor. The song weaves infectious pop melodies with lyrics that explore the exhilarating uncertainty of new love and the longing for connection. 

“Backseat” opens with a revealing question: “Can you love me? Oh, just like I love you?” This sets the stage for a song brimming with genuine emotions. HYUNJUN‘s smooth vocals paint a picture of daydreams about a special someone, the nervous anticipation of making them smile, and the intoxicating feeling of being swept up in their touch.

The song takes a more vivid turn in the chorus. HYUNJUN envisions a passionate kiss in the backseat of a car, a symbol of a connection that feels fated. He pleads with the listener to “hop in tonight,” emphasizing his desire for something real and enduring. 

Backseat” showcases HYUNJUN‘s artistic evolution and his ability to forge a personal connection with listeners. His music defies categorization, incorporating pop influences that resonate with a global audience.

HYUNJUN‘s path to solo success wasn’t without hurdles. After an ankle injury forced him to step back, he reignited his passion for music and the desire to create on his own terms. Embracing a proactive approach, HYUNJUN actively participated in songwriting and production, not just performing. This creative control has yielded impressive results and instilled in him a deep sense of self-belief.

Listen to HYUNJUN’s “Backseat” here: