Rina Sawayama appeared to call out the 1975’s Matty Healy during her set at Glastonbury. While introducing the song “STFU!” on Glastonbury’s Woodsies stage, Sawayama said, “Tonight, this goes out to a white man that watches Ghetto Gaggers, and mocks Asian people on a podcast… he also owns my masters… I’ve had enough.” (Sawayama and The 1975 are both signed to Dirty Hit. As the Independent notes, Healy was the director of Dirty Hit Limited, the label’s parent company, from 2018 until April 2023.)

Sawayama was no doubt taking a dig at Healy’s self-admitted taste in porn, which he spoke about while appearing on a February episode of the Adam Friedland Show podcast. During that episode, Healy talked about watching someone “just getting, like, brutalized” on “Ghetto Gaggers,” a type of “abuse porn” website that focuses on the humiliation and degradation of women of color.

Friedland and co-host Nick Mullen also attempted to guess rapper Ice Spice’s ethnicity and did derogatory impersonations of Chinese, Japanese, and Hawaiian accents. (Healy didn’t participate in those mocking accents, but he laughed along with the podcast hosts.) The episode has since been pulled from the podcast’s feed, and Healy apologized to Ice Spice during an April show in New Zealand.

Watch Sawayama below.