Given the world’s state of affairs, few moments surprise us these days. But waking up and seeing WWE Superstar Randy Orton and Soulja Boy trading insults on Twitter still managed to be the last thing anyone expected.

The social media smackdown between the 14-time world champion and the man Drake stole his flow from occurred early Tuesday morning when WWE Superstar T-BAR from the faction RETRIBUTION responded to Soulja Boy’s tweet about professional wrestling being fake.

Randy piggybacked off of T-BAR’s initial tweet and unleashed an onslaught of disrespect on the timeline, insisting that Soulja Boy couldn’t match up with current WWE 24/7 Champion, Bad Bunny, let alone himself or any other WWE superstar.

Soulja Boy’s retort suggested that what Randy and the WWE do is fake and what he does in Hip-Hop is the real deal. Randy proceeded to take shots at Soulja Boy’s rapping abilities. As of right now, Randy looks like he’s winning the war of words. But given Soulja’s volatile temperament when it comes to social media beef, it’s only a matter of time before he responds.

Social media erupted as Hip-Hop and pro wrestling fans alike provided their ringside commentary on Twitter.

Soulja Boy and Randy Orton’s disagreement may be in good fun. Pro wrestlers often blur the lines between fiction and reality and often do so on social media. However, professional wrestlers are vocal about people’s perception that their brand of entertainment is fake. They put their bodies in harm’s way 300 plus days a year, and for anyone to label that fake is disrespectful to their craft.

Lately, there seems to be a cross-section of Hip-Hop and pro wrestling. A few weeks ago, Bow Wow made headlines for wanting a run as a WWE superstar after his music career, and Cardi B and Lacey Evans got into a Twitter spat of their own.

Who are some of the WWE superstars and rappers you would like to see go head to head?

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