The Breeders’ Kelley Deal and Ampline’s Mike Montgomery started their project R. Ring almost a decade ago. Naturally, being busy with their other bands, they’ve only put out one full-length album so far, Ignite The Rest, in 2017. Today, they’re announcing a follow-up, War Poems, We Rested, which they recorded with Bat Fangs drummer Laura King. The first 200 copies of the album will include poems inspired by the song from Sadie Dupuis, Hanif Abdurraqib, Lee Renaldo, and more.

They’re sharing lead single “Still Life.” “It’s possible, sometimes, through substance abuse or self delusion, to exist in a realm of altered reality, where you imagine your life to be a delicious bowl of fresh fruit,” Deal said in a statement. “When you finally wipe the haze off the mirror,  you see through more sobered eyes that the fruit is rotting and the bowl is full of worms.”

Listen below.

01 “Still Life”
02 “Hug”
03 “Stole Eye”
04 “Likeable”
05 “Exit Music”
06 “Cartoon Heart/Build Me A Question”
07 “Def Sup”
08 “Embers On A Sleepwalk”
09 “Volunteer”
10 “Lighter Than A Berry”
11 “War Poem”

War Poems, We Rested is out 1/27 via Don Giovanni. Pre-order it here.