Last month, Meg Baird announced a new album, Furling, and shared its lead single “Will You Follow Me Home?. Today, she’s back with the album’s second single, “Star Hill Song,” which she co-wrote with collaborator Charlie Saufley. Baird made the music video for the song herself. “I’m neither a person who knows how to make films–or sew–but creating this homespun video felt very much like getting lost in a freestyle needlework and quilting project,” she said, continuing:

I often think that music is a place where we can literally “put” or “save” things when there is no other space for them. All of the images I’ve stitched together here were squeezed from a sorely dying phone camera in my attempt to add life and flicker to them. And while they are images that mean a great deal to me–captured with eyes looking up close at things with love, care and devotion–I hope they leave plenty of open space for moods, thoughts and stories of your own.

Watch and listen below.

Furling is out 1/27 via Drag City.