Pure pop gold seems to be streaming out of the place and the latest brilliant EP to come out today is ‘Happimess’ from an artist called mags. This 5 track release simply doesn’t have a moment of weakness.

Every song could easily be a single and it’s clear that mags is an artist that doesn’t believe in half measure.

The lyrics are brim full of a sincere, honest and relevant take on modern life and the superb pop production provides the best broad stroke background to the detail and beautiful colour that mags lyrical mastery adds in fine detail.

The five songs on the EP span stories about the power and intoxication of love and the feelings of not being able to let go of a broken relationship through to holding on to love even when it creates enemies. Margarethe Tang, artistically known as mags, is fired by the big emotions, by the tidal wave of feelings that you can either ride or be overwhelmed by. The fact that she is able to articulate this tempest and still create pure pop will really resonate with fans everywhere.