Coming off the viral success of his track "In the Dark," James Worthy has returned with "Tick Tock," a slinky bedroom anthem that today is premiering exclusively on Popdust.

The sultry song features a multifaceted guest verse from Goodie Mob's Big Gipp, as Worthy serenades a love interest who has become an obsession. "Pinot grigio 'cause it's your favorite wine, I remember cause you stay on my mind," he croons. When Gipp enters, he drowns his lover in lavish luxury; "rubies, emeralds, and pink stones," he raps. "2021 five hundred with the Benz on it
Taupe ass blue coope, five colors." The duo's chemistry on the track is immaculate as they trade verses as smoothly as a fine wine.

An established artist known for his deep metaphors and narrative abilities, James's single "In the Dark" continues to do big numbers for the singer as it surpasses 2 million streams. He hopes that "Tick Tock" will find similar success, especially in the bedroom. "I got a job to do. I got something that I have to prove to the world," Worthy previously said of his tireless work ethic. "I'm inspiring people around the world to follow their dream, so that's my responsibility."

Check out the steamy new single below:

James Worthy – Tick Tock feat. Big Gipp (Official Audio)

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