Meet your new bestie Emma Webb, whose debut EP, Best Friend, is a mellow, compassionate diary of memories and feelings.

The British singer-songwriter was inspired by Ed Sheeran‘s “Castle on the Hill,” with his production and aura sparking her imagination for the new release. Webb beautifully explains, “My underlying theme is all about honesty, vulnerability and love. I hope there’s a theme of kindness that runs through my music too, because lord knows we could do with more kindness in the world!”

The album’s title track, “Best Friend,” is a combination of wonderful memories and raw emotion that Webb feels for her nearest and dearest. She sings, “You and I are kindred spirits, we are gelled together in a world where nothing else makes sense, you are my best friend.” How wonderful is that? Folky and acoustic in its nature, the song has a flicker of strummed patterns, building as it adds a soft kick of orchestral drums accompanied by Webb’s voice, which floats from softness to a strong belt.

Then there’s “Maybrick Road,” an honest collection of carefully woven thoughts and words. The finger-picking is like a gentle flutter. The most distinct element of this song is the goosebump-inducing harmonies. Not only are they angelic, but they act as instrumentation, filling out the song and becoming a glowing, angelic call of voices. It’s haunting but in a positively affecting and moving way.

Last, but not least is “90s Playlist.” This song stays at a steady dynamic throughout, with the instrumentation providing some delicate moments and sprinkles of joy. The song talks about souvenirs from her memories of traveling with her best girl mates, singing and having the time of their lives on a road trip. Her lyrics really reiterate her love and compassion for her family and friends.

All in all this EP is a reminder to find someone who loves you as much as Emma Webb loves her pals.

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