Poonam Singh’s pretty and playful presentation is what you would expect from an emerging pop star.

However, the former Miss Global International Guyana has more to offer listeners with her latest single and video, “Happy Place.”

“Happy Place” is a cheery mid-tempo jam that fuses 1960s doo-wop and traditional Guyanese music with today’s polished pop sound. The energy screams sock hop and malt shop, but Poonam’s vocal styling keeps the tune out of the realm of parody.

Poonam Singh – Happy Place (Video)


In Poonam’s “happy place,” she’s very adamant about wanting true romance and not a fleeting fling. Her crush is involved with someone who takes them for granted, and Poonam wants them to explore greener pastures with her.

What the song’s verses lack in lyrical composition, they make up for with a catchy chorus. “Happy Place” has the potential to inspire a new TikTok challenge. The family-friendly lyrics and danceable beat make it a prime candidate for a new viral dance trend.

But what really go ves the song life is the vibrant visuals.

The video’s set in a lavish mansion. Poonam and her friends slash backup dancers make an earnest attempt to capture the essence of The Supremes and The Shirelles, and the synchronized dance moves and wardrobe choices are reminiscent of Motown but with some new school flair.

Whether hanging poolside or hypnotically dancing, Poonam is genuinely enjoying herself. The song’s infectious energy makes you think of a sunny day chilling with friends, so to see the video convey that same joy shows Poonam’s mindset and way of seeing.

Despite her global notoriety, Poonam Singh is still in the beginning stages of her career. But if she continues to produce lively songs and videos, then the world will start to become…yes, a happier place.

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