Florida emo band Pool Kids started rolling out their new self-titled album with the mathy, poppy “That’s Physics, Baby,” a song we loved. Today they’re back with a second single, and it’s another good one.

Per singer Christine Goodwyne, the heavy, crystalline rocker “I Hope You’re Right” is about “men who think they have perfect politics and nothing left to work on.” On the chorus, backed by crashing drums, crunching guitars, and celestial backing vocals, Goodwyne zeroes in on the refrain, “You wanna start a fight!” When the storm recedes, she adds, “‘Cause you’re always right.” Guitar heroics are involved.

Goodwyne adds that director Zach Miller’s video for “I Hope You’re Right” uses a mannequin to tell a story about “an unusual, complicated sexual relationship with someone who is totally empty upstairs but still somehow obsessed with getting their way.” Watch below.

Pool Kids is out 7/22 via Skeletal Lightning.